Our Story

Welcome to Little Sotty!

We've searched local and international brands to bring you the best in Arts & craft kits and creative hobby toys.  We've carefully curated our unique collection to ensure you find fun, quality, affordable products all in the one convenient place.



How did Little Sotty begin?

I’ve loved art and craft ever since I was little and have always enjoyed buying craft activities to do with my kids. Both my kids and I enjoy the creative process and the satisfaction of seeing our craft projects come to life. It’s just so much fun!

When it comes to doing art and craft with my kids, I love using craft kits where all the supplies, materials are instructions are contained in one convenient package.  It makes it so much easier to grab the kit and get started, rather than having to always come up with our own ideas and make sure that we have all the necessary supplies on hand.

When I went out shopping for these art and craft kits, I found that there was only ever a small selection of them among the wider toy shop.  I therefore had to go from shop to shop, to find all my favorites.  There just wasn't one 'go to' place to find the best range.

This is what lead me to create Little Sotty! 

I wanted to create a trusted shop where all parents (and fun aunties and uncles and grown ups) could come to shop for a wonderfully curated unique range of art and craft kits and toys for their kids, all in the one convenient place.  I wanted the shopping experience to be enjoyable & streamline.  I wanted to take the hassle out of gift buying for all those birthday parties and Christmases.  I wanted to take the stress out of finding fun and educational activities for the kids to do on a rainy day, during school holidays, on long flights, or simply when finding an activity to bond with the kids over.

I also chose to extend the product range to include creative hobby toys, including science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) products, because hey, the more they can learn while playing, the better right?

When selecting products for the store, first and foremost, the products that I’ve carefully curated needed to be FUN! They also needed to be of a high quality, yet still affordable.  I chose products which promoted educational benefits such as:

  • encouraging creative, curious, inquisitive & imaginative minds
  • developing problem solving and lateral thinking skills
  • enhancing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and neural development

They are products that keep the kids entertained away from the TV and screens. They are products that can keep the kids occupied independently or which we as parents can use with our kids as a way to interact and spend quality time with our kids.

With 3 children of my own, the products we have here at Little Sotty are only good enough for your kids if they are good enough for mine!


Where did the name Little Sotty come from?

My name is Sotharin, pronounced [Sot-ta-ren] and Sotty is the nickname some of my friends call me by. There is a quote that says “The creative adult is the child who survived”. Little Sotty is therefore a reference to my creative childhood.

Please take a look through our online shop. I really hope you love our products and the smiles they will bring to our children.
Meet the Little Sotty family:

Pictured October 2018:

Dave: hubby, dad, technology & gadgets man.  

Sotharin: me, mum, Chartered Accountant by profession.  My career to date has been in Financial/Commercial roles in large corporations, including an Accounting firm, an Investment bank and a large Telco.  I've really enjoyed those roles, but after 10 years with my most recent company, it was time for a change and time to pursue this passion project of mine.

Sienna: Wonderful and caring big sister.  Loves drawing and arts and craft like me.  Loves singing and dancing - the ballet, jazz and tap trifecta.

Olivia/Livvy: Little sister and big sister, a.k.a middle child.  Fussy eater, loves all things girly, very cheeky, makes us laugh with her funny faces.

Liam: Little brother, baby of the family.  Hasn't mastered the walk yet, but can shuffle across the floor on his tummy at lightning speed.  Loves to eat small toys, crumbs and fluff off the floor.