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KIPOD Grafitape Projector


  • $59.95

This Grafitape projector is one of a kind.

The special wooden projector allows children to make washi tape art on walls, windows, doors or any other large surface they desire.

How does it work:

Using the provided illustration cards, trace the image onto the slide.  Insert your slide into the projector, turn on the torch, and your illustration is projected onto the wall.  That in itself is lots of fun, but to finish off, trace your projected image using the provided washi tape, to create a wall decoration that will last even after you've turned off the projector.

The washi tape can be easily removed without damaging the walls.

Great for developing creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.


  • 1 wooden projector box
  • torch
  • whiteboard marker
  • illustration cards
  • 5 rolls of washi tape

 Suitable for both girls and boys ages 5+


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